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Nymphs of Change.

Light, dark, opposites; the balances, yin and yang,
radically passionate and bursting with energy, with life-force, with
manifestation… She, the light spirit gazes upon you, can you resist
her? She seeks to favor her dark counterparts attention, to lure her
fury into the world of the light, but the dark one is a chaotic
creature. Still, the light maiden sways in attraction to her opposite,
wishful, wistful, enticing and seducing her… they meet, connecting,
merging in pure passion together until the dark spirit feels she is
losing herself and must make a choice. She denies her lighter love and
leaves her, loathing and mourning, fiercely solitude once more…

Modeling: Madison Bass & Oktober Comstock

Photography: Daniel Ellis

Styling: Samantha Lemieux & Holly Coombes

Make-up & Hair: Blaine Provancha

Assistant: Amanda Blackman

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